Our Services

Revolutionize payments systems, modernize payments services and enhance the customer experience.


Renovite’s pedigree in complex system integration has reinforced the company’s opinion that technology is only half of the answer for any payments organization that wants to compete in the 21st century marketplace. New entrants are frequently unburdened by legacy infrastructures and legacy processes. Companies need to deploy more agile technologies within their solution life cycles in order to win and retain business in an everchanging landscape. Evolution within an organization to utilize lean and agile life cycles is a complex program of change.

Renovite has built a company from day one that applies agile management methodologies. Practicing these methods internally has built the company’s capabilities in agile life cycle management. The company has combined this internal experience and extensive external experience of life cycle refresh to create a unique consulting practice. Renovite’s specialist life cycle refresh consultants enable clients to maximize the return on their switch replacement investment by evolving their life cycle practices to embrace the Reno-Switch 21st century solution.

Design and Development

The Renovite team has an in-depth experience in the electronic payments space going back two decades. Renovite’s strong development team considers "Payments Engineering" as a core skillset. Renovite works with state of the art frameworks as part of its product development. The company uses agile methodologies and a CI:CD pipeline for end-to-end deployment and lifecycle management. Renovite deploys these skills to help its customers scale and build their bespoke solutions to complete and complement their payment ecosystem.

Systems Integration

Integrating a product into an organization’s existing infrastructure is a complex endeavor. While many product software companies have limited experience in product deployment, the Renovite team has extensive experience in deploying its own software into each stage of the application lifecycle in major financial institutions. Renovite's commitment to clients extends beyond the delivery of software. Renovite's Systems Integration teams work with clients to deploy the software into the client's infrastructure, complete end-to-end testing, and define application management processes to maintain the system for its lifetime.

Testing Services

Renovite offers a full range of testing services and engagement models helping clients to benefit from our expert support.

  • Renovite’s Testing Centre of Excellence is a proven and experienced combination of people, process and tools for payments testing.
  • Renovite's Test Lab Services provides a secure and equipped lab setup for specific testing services. This helps reduce the time taken to setup testing infrastructure, and includes access to Renovite’s test products suite, as well as other partner products.
  • Certification services provided by Renovite's experienced testing team will accelerate the delivery of certification requirements, for payment devices or interchanges.

Staff Augmentation

The payments technology landscape is evolving rapidly, and financial institutions today need to keep up with this change. This requires access to a host of hardware and software engineering skills with an emphasis on payments domain experience.

Renovite is a dedicated payments company, and is positioned to identify and provide the right people to rapidly augment a client’s workforce. Renovite provides staff augmentation services as well as complete project deliveries.