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Testing is an integral part of software product development and very critical to the electronic payments business. Today’s payment ecosystem is constantly changing with the need to introduce new products to meet the growing number of channels, payment options and types. Organizations face increasing pressure to manage change in their business systems at ever increasing speeds. Renovite recognizes the need for automation in the testing space to bring this important aspect in line with agile development and deployment. Renovite believes that the ability to automate objective test plans helps document, execute and test payment systems constantly.
Reno-Test is a platform that delivers automated quality assurance for mission critical systems across multiple business domains. Reno-Test is designed to complement agile system life cycles and supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to accelerate the growth of test coverage. The tool addresses accurate end-to-end automation of acquirer, hosts, with inbuilt pre-certification test suites and can easily be used by the SME team or business team, with limited coding knowledge.

Key Benefits

End-To-End testing

Automate UI, Mobile and API testing; Deliver functional testing and performance testing using the same toolkit

Agile yet robust

Reno-Test Core together with its associated modules form a complete test suite that enables an agile end-to-end test solution

Re-test and Reduce

The selective regression in Reno-Test Core uses a subset of the existing test cases to reduce the cost of retesting

Multi-tenancy & cloud readiness

Increase testing efficiency with a multi-tenant cloud software architecture

Fast parallel batch playback

Testers can combine hundreds of scripts in a test suite and execute them in parallel on one machine, or distribute them across multiple machines to reduce execution time

Seamless Integration

Reno-Test seamlessly integrates with most of the tools in the market. Integrate with collaborative tools and check analysis reports directly from the tool

Reno-Test Modules

Reno Test UI

Go hands free

Supports the recording and playback of test scenarios. Recorded tests can be used as templates to be updated and reused across projects

Create scripts with ease

Provides a fast and easy way to create scripts using “drag & drop” to assemble built-in actions for conditional logic, delay management or results logging

End-to-End automation

Supports the automation of all system interactions, including the user interface, browsers and mobile applications, and system-to-system messages. It can also integrate emulators for devices such as ATM and POS terminals

GUI object recognition

Includes a GUI object recognition tool, which enables it to automatically identify and test objects irrespective of positional changes
Reno Test Mobile

Replicate scripts with ease

Create unified scripts in the same structure for testing native, hybrid and web-based mobile applications

OS simulation and emulation

Uses mobile operating system emulation to test the performance of mobile applications under real-world conditions

Multiple devices

Test smartphone and tablet applications in conjunction with transaction processing systems
Reno Test API

Everything in one place

Reuse test artifacts through linking test data, such as cards, functions, field level validations

Built in functions

Users can rapidly create robust tests from more than 150 built-in functions

Reno-Test API Remembers

Capability to store card information and other crucial test parameters that can be called in the future

Multi-Protocol Support

Includes standard simulations for formats such as ISO Host-to-Host messages, global card schemes, core banking systems and card management systems
Reno Test Performance

Load Generator

A fully loaded capacity-testing system that validates messages from the specified ISO/JSON/XML/RAW (ETL Files)/GRPC format over the same protocols utilized in production


Provides logging and reporting capabilities specifically designed for in-depth post-test analysis. Users can monitor the transaction processing performance as well as the system performance. Performance parameters would be calculated for both at unit le

Reno Test: Product Info

Reno-Test is a complete test management and automation suite that combines a set of open-platform based frameworks and an intuitive user interface with a powerful engine and a library of industry specifications. Reno-Test ensures the structured design and organization of test automation artifacts.
The Reno-Test architecture utilizes the metadata objects from the test target that provides the ability to build comprehensive automation scripts across an array of technologies, interfaces and channels. This uniqueness ensures Reno-Test suitability for varying enterprise environments and an ability to support potential future changes.
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