Reno Switch

Renovite’s Reno-Switch is the first transaction switch designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century payments industry. Reno-Switch’s use of the latest cloud-native technology results in significantly lower pro-cessing costs than that achieved through traditional or virtual-machine based deployment approaches. Additionally, Reno-Switch supports the full choice of deployment models including in-house using standard Windows or Linux servers, or deployment in a private or public cloud from Amazon, Google, Oracle, or any leading provider. Reno-Switch puts you in full control of your cloud-migration strategy.

Reno-Switch frees you from the constraints of legacy switching platforms by providing a token agnostic processing solution that utilises In-Memory Data Grid technology to maximise transaction throughput, an extensible modular architecture, and rules driven workflows that are easily adapted to emerging requirements.

Renovite has the expertise and solutions to smoothly transform your existing switching platform to a 21st Century, cloud-native architecture that allows you to exploit new service opportunities and reduce your operational and application lifecycle management costs through the use of Continuous Delivery or DevOps principles.

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Key Benefits

Significant Cost of Ownership Reduction

Reno-Switch has been engineered using the latest cloud-native technologies and development techniques to deliver an order of magnitude reduction in cost of ownership.

Lower Processing Costs

Reno-Switch provides superior operational efficiency and cost of computing metrics compared with cloud deployments of traditional monolithic applications using virtual-machine techniques. This is achieved using cloud-native technologies that deliver true elastic scalability using auto-scaled modular containers for intelligent localised scaling.

Flexible Migration Options

Changing a legacy switch can be a costly and risky undertaking. Reno-Switch simplifies this task by providing a variety of deployment options that facilitate a controlled, phased migration that is strongly aligned with the achievement of realisable business benefits. For example, Reno-Switch is ideally suited to augment a legacy switch with enhanced transaction processing capabilities while leveraging the network gateway services of the legacy switch.

Dynamic Configuration Management

The system configuration parameters can all be changed dynamically and take immediate effect on runtime processing ensuring a rapid response to changing needs. In addition to the on-demand changes it is also possible to schedule future configuration changes. Significantly all configuration changes can be made without any down time so there is no disruption to business services.

Token Agnostic Processing

Reno-Switch is payment token agnostic and supports card and account-based payments. In addition to processing payment card tokens Reno-Switch also supports alternate tokens including mobile phones, email address, a Facebook ID, etc. Reno-Switch simplifies the acceptance of new payment types and the consolidation of existing transaction processing.

Designed for Ease of Change

Reno-Switch treats each transaction type as a separate business service and new business services can be added, removed, and modified without any impact to the other services and without having to bring the system down. Reno-Switch delivers the absolute minimum risk when introducing new services while maximising service availability.

Product highlights

Product modules

Communications Manager

The communications manager provides scalable and robust TCP/IP and HTTP communications.

Incoming and Outgoing Message Adapters

Adapters are the interfaces for all external systems and transform the native message formats to the internal Reno-Switch transaction object. Standard adapters are available for traditional protocols like ISO 8583 and a variety of modern interfacing standards including RESTful APIs, web services, JSON, XML, and ISO 20022. New adapters are easily customised to accommodate other requirements.

Core Processing Workflows

Reno-Switch supports multi-institution deployments, multiple transaction types, multi-currency, stand -in processing, transactional security, and logging. Transaction processing is managed through highly configurable workflows and an extensible library of modules.

HSM Manager

The HSM manager provides a standardised interface to external hardware security modules and can support a mixture of HSM models.

PED Management

Reno-POS is an optional PED management component for Reno-Switch that provides the safe bridge between the EPOS register, the PED device, and the Acquiring switch. Reno-POS can support multiple types of devices, it securely handles the card and PIN entry, and manages the authorisation process through the acquiring switch. Reno-POS can be deployed on an in-store server or in the cloud to deliver the centralised management advantages of lower cost and quicker responsiveness in multi-store environments.

Web-based Administration Portal

The administration portal provides access and permissions management for the configuration and operation of the Reno-Switch system.

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