Reno Secure

In today’s world, there is a steady growth in online commerce and payment transactions are increasingly digital, with a variety of payment methods made available to the consumer. There is a need for a reliable and efficient debit card fraud management software that can provide a solution to seamlessly operate in this ever-changing payment ecosystem. Reno-Secure is a fraud management system which has the capability to monitor and evaluate real time authorizations and transactions for issuers, acquirers, PSPs, ISOs and merchants.
It uses a sophisticated analytics engine to detect and identify fraudulent patterns and trends. Its superior analytical capability integrated with your payment engine provides an accurate and real-time detection and prevention of fraud early in the payments cycle, thereby minimizing your losses.

Key Highlights

Designed for integration

Reduce your total cost of ownership with minimal infrastructure overhead

Artificial intelligence driven

Extensive auto-rule writing capabilities to cater to the needs of a 21st century payment systems

Powerful advanced analytics

Minimize false positives and secure against ever growing threats of fraudulent transactions to maintain a strong customer relationship

Flexible alert and case management system

Seamless integration with the backend system enabling your fraud analysts to effectively handle alert management

Customized visualization and reporting

Create tailored, holistic, customer-centric risk management strategies and scores

Profile all transactions

Capture key customers behavior data, assess and monitor payment risks associated with accounts and customers

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