Reno Recon

With the evolution and constant innovation of 21st century payment systems, the efficient and effective settlement of transactions is a vital part of the payment chain. Reno-Recon provides the architectural framework for any model of settlement by providing a cloud-based, modern, parallel infrastruc-ture to allow any volume of data to be processed within timeframes to meet your business needs without the need for costly redundant hardware investment.

Reno-Recon is based on a modular rules-based architecture, ensuring new innovations can be added without any impact to existing business processes, minimising the total cost of ownership, and offering the flexibility to bring new innovative products and services to market in the fastest possible way.

Reno-Recon allows for automation with control. Transactions can be automatically rejected, interchange can be maximised for acquirers, and flexible fees can be applied-all using

rules that can easily be amended to meet changing compliance needs or new business challenges. Processes can also be managed using analytics based-reporting, ensuring a minute by minute view of business without the reliance on batch processing. In-line statistical monitoring can provide alerting based on business anomalies and manage compliance led performance metrics, ensuring costly fines can be avoided.

This control is not just about normal business processing. When things go wrong, as they inevitably do in the real world, Reno-Recon provides full facilities to manage the repair of transactions and files to ensure delay to revenue is always minimised.

Reno-Recon provides a flexible solution with a low overall cost of ownership to the back-office needs, using state of the art technology to ensure the business control and compliance needs are met both now and into the future.

Reconciliation solution package

Key Benefits

Responsive product development

Reno-Recon’s extensible cloud-native design gives users the flexibility to incorporate new innovations and updates. New interchange, transaction and payment types can be seamlessly integrated without running the risk of creating downtime or creating business continuity issues, significantly reducing cost of implementation and time to market.

Reduce hardware costs

Reno-Recon’s cloud-native architecture drastically reduces hardware costs and allows systems to be elastically scaled according to demand at any given time. Manage peaks and troughs (such as holidays and major sale days) without the need to invest in redundant ‘what-if’ hardware.

Maximise Revenue Opportunities

A flexible fee engine allows for a granular approach to issuer and acquirer fees, maximising revenue within any compliance constraints.

Precise business oversight

Reno-Recon’s centralised financial and business monitoring and reporting system gives you complete oversight of processing - be reactive and respond to emerging demands as required. Using advanced analytics-based reporting, Reno-Recon allows for a view of the business on a minute by minute basis.

Accelerated Revenue delivery

The speed of Reno-Recon’s cloud-native architecture allows for the time from transaction to settlement to be minimised, accelerating the receipt of revenues.

Enhanced data accuracy

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and other data quality issues, minimising the potential of transactions being downgraded by a scheme, such as Visa or MasterCard. Guarantee accurate data creation via data validation rules and maximise your interchange revenue gains.

Automated data error and risk management

Reduce the risk of incurring losses by quickly and effectively identifying and managing operational data issues, such as identifying and amending human error anomalies. It provides the ability to analyse and report on trends in real-time to allow for improved and smoother business management.

Validate incoming data

Isolate and reject inaccurate or non-compliant incoming data using automated data validation rules in real-time. These can be changed easily and flexibly and will curtail the risk of scheme penalties, lost interchange revenue, and can automatically create chargebacks.

Meet industry standards

Conform to PCI and other recognised global industry standards related to transaction processing and security in financial services.

Product highlights

Product modules

Reno-Recon is a modular system that allows customers to deploy the components they need to augment or replace their existing back-office processing. Reno-Recon modules include:

Reno-Recon Framework

This module contains the foundation components including the information repository, rules engine, management console, and core clearing, reconciliation, and settlement services.

Chargeback Module

Provides the ability to efficiently manage and process chargebacks.

General ledger module

Enables the rules-based mapping of transactions to the chart of accounts allowing the General Ledger to be used as a monitoring and reconciliation aid.

Fee engine

A flexible fee calculation module for issuers and acquirers supporting event and transaction-based fees to enhance revenue generation.

Reno-Recon ETL module

Enables the input of standard transaction files for use within the Reno-Recon system. Module also includes rules-based editing and integrity verification.

MasterCard Settlement

Provides support for Mastercard settlement processing for issues and acquirers

VISA Settlement

Provides support for VISA settlement processing for issues and acquirers

Transaction Repair

Provides fully audited facilities for processing transaction that have been rejected, with the ability to provide changes on a file or batch basis, easing the ability to manage transaction issues.

Reporting Analytics

The Analytics reporting enabled the review and management of the reconciliation data for added business insight.

Standard Reporting

Provides reporting to assist in the reconciliation and management of the system

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