Reno Recon

Clearing and reconciliation is a key function in any payment organization. Managing this function effectively helps Banks and Financial Institutions in executing complex operations effectively, processing customer requests efficiently and providing predictability in cash flow.
Reno-Recon is an enterprise solution designed to process high volumes of transactions using a centralized reconciliation environment in an agile, reliable and compliant manner.

Reno-Recon solution suite consists of the following solution components:


An end-to-end multi-way reconciliation system which supports multiple payment service reconciliations simultaneously in an Active-Active data center configuration.


Supports multiple clearing messages for each payment service and time cycles.

Billing and charges

Provision for slab, percentage and mixed billing. One time and recurrent billing information in the desired format. Configuration of merchant discount rates in fixed and percentage basis.


Identification and matching of the correct interchange rule for each transaction

  • Detailed analysis of the interchange rule applied till last mile.
  • Modification of interchange charges.
  • Audit of interchange charges.
  • Rule base application of any transaction parameter in identification of correct interchange++ rule.

Offline transaction support

ISO8583 and JSON based libraries capable of handling both offline payment transactions and online payment transactions.

Chargeback processing

Chargeback cycle configuration and rule based chargeback automation.

Key Highlights

Smart Recon

A reduction in manual errors and the time spent on processing exceptions

Comprehensive reporting

Combination of distributed back office processing and centralized reporting and monitoring

Sophisticated workflow

Firms can identify problems efficiently: Making it possible to reduce risk significantly and exercise greater control over operations

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