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The continued innovation in payments products and services has dramatically increased the importance of accurate authentication and authorisation processing, and the management of the associated risks. Issuers need the flexibility to issue any token type and to control and manage these tokens in a flexible, cost-effective way to ensure risk is correctly balanced against processing costs and customer satisfaction.

Reno-Issuer provides a flexible cloud-native platform that robustly addresses the need to verify payment tokens, authenticate the consumer, and perform financial authorisation. Reno-Issuer is fully rules-based,

providing all the flexibility required to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing payments environment. Specifically, authentication and authorisation costs can be finely managed commensurate with the risk of the individual products

Reno-Issuer is a versatile solution that can address a variety of authentication and authorisation needs including the standardisation of authorisation services across multiple platforms, the provision of high availability stand-in processing, and provide augmented authentication and authorisation services for legacy systems.

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Key Benefits

Integration of New innovation

Reno-Issue is a modular solution that allows the easy integration of any new payment innovation including biometrics, tokenisation, and virtual cards. The system is easily integrated with these technologies without impacting existing authorisation paths, thereby minimising the cost and risk of implementing innovation

Fully Customised Authorisation Rules

Reno-Issuer provides powerful authentication and authorisation rules that can operate on any available data. For example, a rule that combines demographic data with the transaction information could decline spending transactions at gambling sites by under-age persons. Alternatively, transactions from specific MCC codes can be blocked for specific card products. Reno-Issuer allows any type of card products to be defined to fully control the balance between customer service and business risk.

Enhanced Service Management

Reno-Issuer can be configured to perform full validity checking on incoming transactions. Typical deployments stop processing once any error is found to minimise the response times. However, Reno-Issuer can also be configured to perform all validation checks and log the resulting decision vector. The decision vector information can be continually analysed to improve risk and customer service processing.

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