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April 29 , 2019

Cloud-native: Renovite announces availability of brand new payments whitepaper

Renovite Technologies has announced the availability of a brand-new whitepaper: ‘Cloud Native: Transforming 21st Century Payments’. The paper considers the current state of innovation in the payments market, how financial organisations that are ready for change can embrace transformation, and how Renovite’s approach to cloud-native payments solutions enables a sustained competitive advantage for businesses.

The whitepaper looks at why today’s financial organisations are trapped in a lengthy, expensive ‘patch up and catch up’ model, and offers a detailed analysis of the core differences between the ‘upgrader’ and the transformative innovator.

At present, banks and other financial organisations have little in the way of influence or choice when it comes to improving their systems. Rather, it is the established vendors who are ultimately dictating the availability of new payments services. This model has stunted innovation in the payments market and left organisations dragging their heals when it comes to offering the innovative services and sophistication that today’s savvy consumers have come to expect.

By choosing to transform their payments infrastructure using Renovite’s expertise and cloud-native technology organisations can retake control of their operations, safely, securely, and at a pace that suits their unique requirements.

‘Cloud Native: Transforming 21st Century Payments’ offers readers expert insight into:

- What the current barriers to innovation are and how we got here;

- How organisations can safely move away from legacy infrastructure;

- Why cloud-native technology offers a fresh start for innovation in financial services;

- The business benefits cloud-native technology offers payments organisations;

- Why careful vendor selection is critical to achieving a sustained competitive advantage for your specific needs.

To download a digital copy of the whitepaper, please contact us.

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Renovite Technologies Inc. is an electronic payments specialist with a proven track record of delivering and managing software worldwide. We are present in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia supporting and delivering mission-critical payment systems. We are a company led by experts with an average of 25 years’ experience in delivering leading-edge solutions in the payments domain. Our core competency is the satisfaction of those requirements through the deployment of a cutting-edge technology coupled with a client-focused, 21st-century delivery model.