August 30 , 2018

Seamless 2018 Roundtable Invitation: Overcoming the barriers to real-time payments with Jim Tomaney

Join us on Tuesday, September 4th at 12.20pm for an insightful roundtable discussion examining at the barriers to improving real-time payments. During the discussion, we will consider:

- What barriers are there to improving real-time payments platforms in East Africa?

- How can financial institutions overcome these barriers?

- What puts financial institutions off taking the first step toward transformation?

We will explore the changing role of ATMs and the impact of new cloud-native technology on today’s payment systems in the context of East Africa.

We aim to provoke thought and debate around how modern ATMs can drive financial inclusion using modern technology and the benefits of cloud-native payments systems over legacy systems.

We will also examine the opportunities around how technology can be used to consolidate the switching of payment transactions across multiple channels, thereby eliminating many of the disparate systems in place that cannot evolve in the 21st century.

How to reserve your seat

To reserve your roundtable position with us, please download Jujama app and select register on the roundtable sign up page.

We believe East Africa’s financial services sector is ready to be a global leader in next-gen ATM technology because the region doesn’t have to negotiate with decades of outdated legacy technology. We'd be delighted to talk to you more at our stand in space number 24.