March 6 , 2019

RBR: Self-Service Banking Asia 2019

Renovite Technologies will be presenting in Bangkok, Thailand at the RBR Self-Service Banking Asia 2019 conference on April 3 – 4.

This year’s theme is self-service and digital banking, a hugely pertinent topic to a region undergoing significant change and transformation across payments and financial services.

“Super-charging ATM service innovation using cloud-based ATM solutions” on day two, 4th of April at 9am. The questions I’ll be considering include:

·       The challenges to innovation posed by ageing, inflexible infrastructure, coupled with legacy practices.

·       Why innovative is vital to the success of the consumer experience for all ATM deployers.

·       How a cloud-native compliant approach can enrich existing infrastructure to deliver a new cash withdrawal service, reflecting on a customer case study.

Please drop by our exhibition stand, booth number 13, where Jim Tomaney, Issa Keshek, and I will be on hand to discuss these points in more detail.

For more information, please see our blog post.