March 4 , 2020

Reno-Cloud: The True Gem of Payment Systems

Reno-Cloud can provide rich historic information analysis, coupled with real time views and alerts. These views can be easily tailored to specific roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone has the right actionable intelligence, when it is needed, to ensure they can work together to provide maximum service and maximum availability....

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July 21 , 2020

When will be your Kodak moment?

There was a time when a ‘Kodak Moment’ meant a truly memorable experience. However, the final ‘Kodak Moment’ is remembered as the point when the Kodak Corporation could no longer save itself from the rapid disruptions to its core business. Are the traditional leaders in card payments facing their own Kodak moment?...

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September 14 , 2021

Why Technology Will Drive Competitive Advantage in the Payments Industry

We have seen a growing number of decision makers in financial institutions taking a different approach to technology. This is because they have realised that many of the systems they relied on in the past on are now struggling to cope, and there are major questions about their future resilience....

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November 4 , 2021

Can financial institutions afford to stay with legacy systems?

Three unstoppable forces are changing how all financial institutions must operate in the future. This is particularly true for those responsible for payments and transaction banking....

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July 5 , 2018

Outages for companies like Monzo don’t have to keep happening. Here’s why.

Over the last 12-months, several high-profile FinTechs and challenger banks have experienced multiple outages for cards processing, leading to reputational damage, anxious tweets, irritated customers, and potentially, lost revenue....

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October 13 , 2021

The winners in the payment industry will be…

Who will be the leaders in the payment industry at the end of 2023? Would you be confident in making a prediction? Will a new fintech be able to outperform the banks and reduce reliance on the banking industry?...

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March 26 , 2019

Reno-Cloud: Enabling Innovation and Transformation with 21st Century Payments Technology

We are happy to announce we have published the next instalment of our video-illustration series, Reno-Cloud, which examines how we are using modern payments technology to bring positive change to the banking and payments industry....

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December 20 , 2019

WIll 2020 Be A Meteor Year?

What lies in store for the ATM industry in 2020? Will a meteor of change sweep away the legaacy dinosaurs and pave the way for new growth and innovation? We live in exciting times - with all its blesings and curses....

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March 27 , 2020

Instant Test Environments On Demand

Quick and inexpensive access to test systems is a key success ingredient of modern payment systems. Reno-Cloud is cloud agnostic and ideally suited to the creation of automated end to end test environments - instantly available whenever you need them....

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March 2 , 2022

Releasing The Benefits of the Cloud

There is now a real commitment to designing payments systems for deployment in the cloud and moving away from cumbersome legacy software running on proprietary servers and mainframes. In the past, I used to have to start my conversations with customers by explaining why we should use the cloud. That’s changed, and now the conversations begin with a...

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