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December 20 , 2019

WIll 2020 Be A Meteor Year?

Some 600 million years ago, a giant meteor brought an abrupt end to the reign of the dinosaurs. The way was open for a more adaptive, more resilient genus to emerge – the highly prolific Mammals came of age. That is generally the way with transformative change, it comes suddenly and after a long period of stagnation. 

Looking back over the key events of 2019 I must wonder whether 2020 will be a “meteor” year for the “Old Guard” thinking in the ATM industry.  Certainly, the momentum behind the ATMIA #NextGen initiative, in all its many forms, is just one strong indicator that definitive change is imminent.  

However, a far clearer indicator, the truth of the matter, is that leading organisations are already investing in large-scale cloud migration strategies. Admittedly not all organisations are – but certainly enough of the early adopters are taking decisive action. Renovite successfully delivered Next Generation Cloud ATM projects this year and we know that we are not the only ones doing this.

So then, can we triumphantly predict that 2020 will be the year of a landslide shift away from the traditional norms? What for instance should we make of the Window 7 end of life problem lurking menacingly in the shadows? Oh that! Yes indeed.

From this Marketeer’s perspective the Market’s reaction to this event is simply a continuation of the deep divide between Transformational Innovators and Upgrader Innovators. Truly transformative organisations looking to change the way they do business will simply work around this – taking it in their stride and continuing with their strategic journey of reinventing themselves.  Conversely, the more conservative Upgrader Innovators will likely accept the will of their incumbent vendors, put aside their own ambitions, and mire themselves in another costly technological disruption that delivers little or no business growth value. 

This all feels remarkably like those free roaming, dominant dinosaurs and the more adaptive, more resourceful Mammals patiently evolving and waiting their turn.  I am certainly not a soothsayer, and it certainly is not a fact that a year of distraction on Window 10 upgrades will prove insurmountable in the competitive landscape. But it is a tough market out there – there is certainly no welcome mat for suppliers that ignore the genuine needs. The door will be closed, and you will be left wanting. So, by my calculations it looks like the smart money is on the Transformers, the organisations that embrace proactive cloud migration technology that foster great competitive advantage.

May you all have a happy and peaceful New Year.

The Renovite Team.