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April 16 , 2020

There's No Stopping Cloud Payments Solutions

Like the proverbial “New kid on the block”, Renovite continues to attract a lot of attention among innovative payments providers.  Our Reno-Cloud payments suite is both cloud-native and cloud-agnostic. We use agile delivery methods and we importantly bring a refreshing level of supplier flexibility and transparency.  Many of you will already know this - a growing number of you have also experienced it for yourselves.


As a learning organisation we are continually refining our business processes. These challenging times of the Coronavirus lockdown are no exception.  As a company, Renovite committed itself to a cloud-culture from the outset and is well practiced in cloud-centric development and delivery across multiple geographic regions.  The value of this delivery strategy was highlighted during a recent customer project.


Our Telco customer was keen to advance their digital transformation strategy by providing consumers with cash access and deposit services for their mobile wallets. The automation of these cash services reduces work pressures on service agents, enriches the consumer experience, and helps with social distancing restrictions.


Significantly, this project was conducted over multiple continents and involved multiple companies. It required the seamless transaction orchestration across ATM devices, mobile phones, payment gateways and a billing system.  As any seasoned project manager will assure you, not all projects are delivered on time. This one was. What is even more compelling is that the project was completed during the height of the Coronavirus lockdown requiring that all participants worked from their home locations.


These successes don’t make us complacent, but we are reassured and delighted that our commitment to cloud-native payment solutions continue to deliver significant customer value – even under the most challenging of project conditions.