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December 18 , 2018

Renovite launches first Fintech Skills Academy course: ‘Introduction to Retail Card Payments Business’

Good news. You are now able to apply for our: ‘Introduction to the Retail Card Payments Business’ course, the first of its kind and the first course available as part of Scotland’s brand new ‘Fintech Skills Academy’, announced back in September.

Our aim is simple. We want to offer people with an interest in working in fintech the chance to hone their skills around our specialism: card and electronic payments. We have a growing number of specialist roles, and we want to make sure everyone that joins the business can have the confidence and knowledge they need to get started.

- During the course, we will cover:

Brief history of Card Payment Processing

- The Payments Chain

- A tour around cards and devices

- How do banks make and lose money?

- Overview of encryption and security

- Overview of ISO 8583

- Overview of EMV

- Compliance in the Payments arena

- When transactions go bad

- Fraud

- Processing errors

- Liability

- Future of payments

- Terminology review

The course will take place in the Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline on Friday 18th and Friday 25th January.

For more information about entry requirements, cost,  or to sign up, please enquire via the Fife College website.

Tutor: David Lock, Renovite’s fraud and authorisation specialist

David Lock has over 35-years’ experience working in cards and payments, including a specialist knowledge of EMV and mobile technologies, including fraud and authorisation. He brings significant knowledge of business and is an experienced trainer and mentor.