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June 17 , 2020

Centralised Cloud-Based PED Management

There is a well-established principle in Retail payments to separate the card payments processing from the POS register services. This separation allows Retailers to freely enhance their POS register services without being constrained by the costs and complexities of the PCI compliance standards that govern the security of payment transactions.

Traditionally this separation of tasks has been achieved using in-store controllers that manage the PED devices and payments processing. Renovite’s Reno-POS solution now takes this capability even further by providing a fully cloud-based answer to PED management. Seamlessly integrated with Reno-Cloud, Reno-POS provides the safe bridge between the POS register, the PED device, and the payments processing.  Being cloud-based Reno-POS delivers all the cloud advantages including elastic scalability, cost efficiencies and unbreakable resilience.

A centrally managed service removes the change complexity of managing multiple store controllers, ensuring lower costs and greater responsiveness when introducing new transaction types, card service limits, or even entirely new payment tokens. The range of consumer payments options is growing steadily and the ability to easily support new consumer authentication options results in greater transaction growth and consumer satisfaction. Reno-POS is designed to accommodate any mix of traditional and emerging consumer authentication devices and payment choices.