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September 7 , 2020

Break Free with Reno-Cloud Payment Solutions

2020 will long be remembered as the year when Covid-19 simply swamped everyone’s plans. However, looking beyond the suffering, the confusion, and the  lockdowns, you can clearly see an acceleration in the use of the Cloud to underpin how our businesses and societies work and adapt.  The world of consumer payments is a perfect example of this.

Here at Renovite, we have seen a significant increase in new payments projects insisting on cloud-native technologies as the way forward.  Perhaps it is the growing confidence in agile applications that incorporate open-source components that functionally rival the top-end solutions of yesteryear that is driving this change?  Perhaps it is the relentless pressures to cut costs and the proven price point advantages of cloud computing?  Or, perhaps it is the business need to outperform the competition by more rapidly satisfying the consumers’ demands for greater payment convenience?

Whatever your own drivers might be, Renovite believes that any modern payments platform must enable the seamless orchestration of components to serve a growing mix of transaction types and personalised data. It must also provide the ability to continuously reconcile and settle across multiple transaction endpoints, and offer pinpoint control over the tracking and assessment of fees to maximise profitability. The platform must also provide integrated AI and machine learning to smoothly adapt to changing consumer behaviours and protect against fraud and business risks. In addition, it must provide a real time view of the technical and business operations to ensure an ‘always on’ service convenience.

Renovite’s Reno-Cloud payment solutions are 100% cloud-native and deliver the functionality and adaptability to transform your payments business.