October 8 , 2019

Tips for Baby Bathing applied to ATM Cloud Management

A recent article by ATM Marketplace asked the following question in relation to ATM Outsourcing: “How do you not throw out the baby with the bathwater?” On closer inspection, effective baby bathing applied to ATM management is a rare but remarkably worthy basis for comparison when it comes to looking after what’s important....

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March 4 , 2020

Reno-Cloud: Smarter Technology, Better Ideas

Our AI experts carefully examine the right questions for your specific business needs and apply the best technical solutions to address them. And we never predict any giraffes when they are not there....

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March 4 , 2020

Reno-Cloud: The True Gem of Payment Systems

Reno-Cloud can provide rich historic information analysis, coupled with real time views and alerts. These views can be easily tailored to specific roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone has the right actionable intelligence, when it is needed, to ensure they can work together to provide maximum service and maximum availability....

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June 17 , 2020

Centralised Cloud-Based PED Management

Renovite's Reno-POS provides a secure, cloud-based answer to the challenges of PED management in a Retail payments environment...

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July 21 , 2020

When will be your Kodak moment?

There was a time when a ‘Kodak Moment’ meant a truly memorable experience. However, the final ‘Kodak Moment’ is remembered as the point when the Kodak Corporation could no longer save itself from the rapid disruptions to its core business. Are the traditional leaders in card payments facing their own Kodak moment?...

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September 7 , 2020

Break Free with Reno-Cloud Payment Solutions

Here at Renovite we have seen a significant increase in new payments projects insisting on cloud-native technologies as the way forward. Whatever your own drivers might be, Renovite believes that any modern payments platform must satisfy some key requirements. How well does your platform measure up to the 21st centuary payments needs?...

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September 14 , 2021

Why Technology Will Drive Competitive Advantage in the Payments Industry

We have seen a growing number of decision makers in financial institutions taking a different approach to technology. This is because they have realised that many of the systems they relied on in the past on are now struggling to cope, and there are major questions about their future resilience....

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November 4 , 2021

Can financial institutions afford to stay with legacy systems?

Three unstoppable forces are changing how all financial institutions must operate in the future. This is particularly true for those responsible for payments and transaction banking....

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February 3 , 2022

New Technology Platforms As An Enabler For Payments Innovation

Endava recently asked for Renovite's opinion of how to enable innovation in payments...

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