Reno ATM

Today, most ATM services are trapped in 20th century architectures and operating models. These architectures are dominated by fat-client ATM software stacks wholly dependent on the Windows® operating system which utilize legacy, proprietary protocols to communicate with a range of disparate host systems, each focused on a single element of the operating model – transactions, cash, exception management, software and content management. Reno-ATM is the 21st century answer to these legacy constraints.
Designed to be ATM operating system agnostic, Reno-ATM breaks the shackles currently restraining ATM services. A lighter ATM software stack interacts with a suite of integrated server-side components that provide the range of services required to deliver a full customer experience

Key Highlights

  • Designed for easy delivery of business services through the ATM channel
  • Flexible and easy to implement new feature rich transactions and quickly change existing transactions, without modifying code
  • Individual transactions and screen content can be updated without restarting
  • Enhanced customer experience: screen content is web based, uses standard tools and has the ability to use content from other channels
  • Secure and PCI compliant software stack
  • Modular ATM application (not monolithic), componentized and loosely coupled
  • Provides multi-platform, hardware agnostic, service-oriented, high performance software
  • CRM support - including branding, themes, targeted marketing, favourite and cardless transactions
  • Targeted distribution of individual component updates across the ATM network
  • Includes assistive technologies - Support for people with disabilities
  • Reduced time to market for new business services
  • Fast integration with bespoke customer features
  • High quality, efficient and robust application

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